Facilities and common space

We have renovated this 50 year-old ryokan house (Japanese style hotel) by ourselves. We spent 6 months to renew the house with help from local professional craftsmen, our friends and families, and even strangers passing by. Being fascinated by Japanese antiques, we have traveled all over the country to collect old stuff. We have built new flooring and decorated the guesthouse interior with collected antique woods and furniture, which makes our guesthouse one of a kind.

We want our lounge space to be a place that connects people who are living different lives from different countries. This lounge is not only enjoyed by guest house visitors but also locals, providing a wonderful opportunity to mingle with the people of Matsumoto. You are also of course welcome to enjoy a little time by yourself by reading books on the comfortable couch area, listening to classical guitar music in the background, or in a small quiet room at the front of the guesthouse facing the street. You can also enjoy drinks and watch the fire in the pellet stove during winter. Talking to locals at the bar, reading a book on the couch, and working on business in the quiet room… each guest spends their time as they please.


The bar area is open on Fridays and Saturdays between 7:00pm~11:00pm for everyone including locals.

Alcoholic Beverages: ¥500
Non Alcohol Drinks: ¥300


A spacious kitchen is also available with essential basics for cooking such as pans, pots, dishes, refrigerator, range, toaster, cooking stove (IH stove), kitchenware dishes, cups, and basic seasonings.


We have a Laundry machine and dryer available on the ground floor. (Laundry machine 200yen / Laundry dryer 100yen) We also have a balcony on the second floor to hang your laundry to dry.


  • First floor: shower room and restroom (Shower rooms are available from 16:30pm~24:00am and 7:00am~9:30am)
  • Second floor: Female-only Shower room and restroom (Shower rooms are available from 16:30pm~24:00am and 7:00am~9:30am)
  • Shampoo, hair rinse and body soap are complementary in all bathrooms and showers.
  • Hair dryers are available for use until 24:00am to ensure our guests are not disturbed by the noise.
  • There is also a very nice and retro Sento (public bath house) just around the corner.

Body soap Hair shampoo and conditioner Hair dryers Hangers Rental towels (upon request)



  • Shower Rooms (There are two types: Unisex and Female-only)
  • Restrooms (There are two types: Unisex and Female-only)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Laundry detergents
  • Body soap
  • Hair shampoo and conditioner
  • Hair dryer
  • Hanger
  • Kitchen: Refrigerator, microwave, toaster, IH cooking stoves, dishes, glasses, basic seasonings and basic cooking tools.


  • Breakfast (Toast,drink) : ¥300
  • Renal towel : ¥100
  • Toothbrush : ¥100
  • Luggege storage befor/after your stay : ¥200/day)
  • Earplugs : ¥150
  • Rice (one cup) : ¥100
  • PadLock : ¥150
  • Laundry machine : ¥200/use
  • Laundry dryer : ¥100/use


  • The guesthouse is air-conditioned.
  • No smoking is allowed in the guesthouse. Please smoke outside.
  • Main entrance and female-only domritory room door have passcode locks.
  • No night wear, towels or toiletries are equipped (we provide rental towels).
  • Please be responsible for your own belongings. We are not responsible for any loss, damages, and/or troubles to personal belongings.


  • There are no free parking spaces at the guest house. We do not have free parking lots at the guesthouse. Please find a pay parking lot nearby the guesthouse if you drive.